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Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 3:10 am
by Claude
Hey Vince! Thanks for your comments, always fun to read :)

Some random responses:

It would have been great if they connected the flashes before Desmond's eyes with the flash sideways. Alas, I think he just saw a possible future. Or, you know, "whatever didn't happen yet didn't happen."

I think Locke comes off crazy partly because he both has blind faith and crippling (pun intended) insecurities, both avenues to crazy decisions. His faith should plug the hole that is his insecurities, but his faith isn't absolute, it runs out of stream and then all he is left with is insecurities. I believe the immaculate conception line was a ploy from Lock's dad? But if Locke's mom was really crazy (like MIB's mom) the idea of inheriting the illness would have been interesting to explore.

Re: Hurley's crackers - it would have been cool if they mentioned that the (apparent) freshness was possibly supernatural. But they didn't make that a thing. They just tried to mine weak fat jokes from Hurley that he'd eat anything.

Vince (and Raxivace) as always THANKS for Listening!

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:38 am
by Vince

More silly Desmond accents, please! I would totally watch a Kelvin & Radzinski sitcom. The volcano was such a missed opportunity - Chekhov would disapprove. Nice work identifying Dogen's machine as a Scientology E Meter :D (that actor showed up on Westworld recently) Churches, churches, churches - so many churches!

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:46 am
by Vince
The Little Prince

I do really appreciate the time travel callbacks in this one - Locke seeing the Hatch light, Sawyer witnessing Aaron's birth, etc. Very good call on the similarity between that scene and the Twin Peaks version w/ Coop, Laura, & James. Claude: The best trick the devil ever pulled was convincing us that LOST would eventually make sense! I think my new favorite thing is hearing Justin's dread and angst when he starts to anticipate Claude is about to pull on a plot thread he knows will unravel :D :D :D As I hear your disappointment with so many characters' arcs, I wonder - is there any character whose trajectory you think was handled well?

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:12 pm
by Claude
"Is there any character whose trajectory you think was handled well?"

Well leave it to Vince to zero in on a great question! We will certainly have to discuss this (at length) on the next podcast.

But for now I'm thinking: Jack, Sawyer, Juliet, possibly Kate.

I was just thinking how Locke's story could have ended to give him a good arc despite all the stuff he did. And and this came to mind:

Jack and MIB/Locke fighting on the cliffs in the series finale...
Jack is about to win but the cork settles and MIB has his powers back...
MIB/Locke gets the upper hand and is about to kill Jack... then:
Everyone is confused on how it's possible, especially MIB.
Real Locke reaches out to MIB/Locke and says "You have something that belongs to me"
And just like that MIB returns to his Titus Welliver form.
MIB begins to go after Locke when every single person MIB killed or impersonated appears behind Real Locke.
Real Locke says: "I made some new friends"...
And they all bum rush MIB off the cliff into the water...
Real Locke helps Jack up (who is mortally wounded) and says "I'm sorry Jack. For everything."

We either say or hint that Real Locke was able to be present due to the uncorking in the light cave/similar power to how Jacob was present on the island a bit after he died.

That right there is how you vindicate Locke and make his arc worth, you know, watching!

P.S. Another line of dialog I would have loved:
Jack sees Real Locke and asks: "How?"
Real Locke: "Aren't you tired of asking questions, Jack?"
Jack gives that classic Matthew Fox Smirk(TM) and says : "Yes, yes I am"
They shake hands. Real Locke disappears.
Jack goes off to die.

Boy I just need to write my version of the finale, eh??

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Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:19 pm
by Vince
YES! You can fix it!! Not just the finale, either, but the whole series. Then you can sell it to ABC for the reboot... :D :D :D

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:00 am
by Vince
This Place Is Death

Yes, Jin should totally have told Rousseau that her baby must not be raised by another/an-other! Seriously, though, I do like the idea that Jin saved her from being claimed, thus changing the course of events, for the better, for the Losties when they arrived years later. I forget who said it, but I laughed out loud at the proposition that if Robert was the Smoke Monster he could have turned himself into the firing pin :D You guys are going through such contortions to explain all the problematic time travel issues. I do, though, particularly like the suggestions that Smokey could have been consicousness-time-travelling to maneuver in multiple eras. Also, interesting theory that he he could have been manipulating Ms. Hawking. I'm confident that if you two persist you'll be able to give a plausible explanation to every aspect of the show. Or maybe you did already, and we've just forgotten...

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 3:23 pm
by Claude
"Or maybe (we) did already, and we've just forgotten..." may be the thing we say in the very final podcast.

That or the final line may be "Guys, we are we?" lol

But yeah, Jin telling Rousseau her baby should not be raised by "an other" would have been a nice symmetry with Claire as well as connecting to Ben raising Alex which leads to her premature death. But now I'm not even sure Jin knew Alex was Rousseau's child, I forget how that story line goes.

Thanks Vince, we should be back with new podcasts soon!

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Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:21 pm
by Stallion
I just found this podcast and this is amazing. I have been binge listening to this as I have been rewatching the show. It is my second watch and I’m now in season 5. Looking forward to catching up to the episode commentaries after I finish this rewatch.

I can’t believe y’all are still putting out shows. Makes me very excited that this community is still aroun. I just assumed when I found this that you all would be long done. Wish I had been listening in real time, because I would have been very excited to contribute to theories at the time. Alas, can’t change that because what happened, happened. Anyways - you guys are awesomely entertaining.

I haven’t read forums or finished listening to all the podcasts of the original show, but, I’ve been yelling at you while listening when you talk about time travel and time concepts. It’s been fun and frustrating because y’all have great conversations about it but I also can’t butt in say things too. Haha. Anyways, Don’t know if either of you have read “slaughterhouse 5,” but, I feel like thinking about time in that manner is somewhat helpful to making sense of free will combining with the concept of “what happened happened”. Though, it also makes my head want t explode...

Anyways, mostly here to express my appreciation for putting out the best lost podcast that I have found. Excellent work. Got to check out mr podcast, too, I suppose. Cheers, Dan

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Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:47 pm
by Claude
Hi Dan! Thanks so much for your post and for joining the LLD train!

There's literally hundred of hours of LLD and we're glad the old stuff is still available for newer viewers. We're currently in Season 5 with our commentary series and yes, lots of mind bending time travel!

Let us know how your rewatch is going and any interesting or flat out wrong theories or comments we have in our original run podcast.


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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:09 am
by Vince

A recent road trip finally afforded me the time to catch up w/ you guys and I really enjoyed these last two. I'm really liking the idea that Eloise could have been manipulated by MIB - makes a lot of sense. It even inspired the idea that MIB could have been part of the drama that led to Eloise & Widmore's banishment back in the 50's (?), either MIB manipulated them or even conspired with them... I, too, totally forgot abour Caesar! I agree w/ you guys that keeping MIB as Christian and avoiding all the pitfalls of embodying Locke would have been a good solution to some of the nonsense. Unless, as you suggest, the writers made more use of potential conflict of MIB being afflicted by Locke's hangups, out of his control to some degree. Lots of untapped opportunities there for thematic drama. Another great idea of yours - Des realizing his selfishness and forcing Widmore to help in the greater fight. It would have given Des a more realistic motivation and reason for being there, as well as offering Widmore redemption (and maybe even a scene with his own daughter!). And, yes, Richard should have recognized MIB's deceptive schtick of impersonating the dead :(

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Had an idea for Justin's 'Clip Show Loophole Episode' - characters return to Pearl and find a vault of tapes of camera observation footage deemed exceptionally important. It'd be kind of like a found footage movie I guess. (Or, kinda cool, instead of Losties going to the Pearl it's a Dharma rescue team of Hanso and the Degroots!) Anyway, I absolutely love the idea that MIB could have time-travel manipulated his earlier self - "MIB MIB's himself" :D I also am intrigued by your reboot ideas - the native perspective, another island (a future with Hurley as the leader is less appealing). What about this - Space! ;) Or maybe similar characters but with the genders, nationalities, and backstories shuffled around? I wonder what the ideal reboot structure would be - still 6 seasons? fewer or more? 8 episode seasons? 12/13? 15? Last consideration of yours I appreciated - what's more evil, the devil who's there or the god who isn't? (re Jacob & MIB) Ah, well... You should keep that spontaneous tagline - 'TLLD - solving LOST one episode at a time!' Thanks guys - you solved it again!!! Looking forward to hootenannies!

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:48 am
by Vince

I actually synced up w/ you this time! Fun stuff :) I appreciate you coining the term 'Walting' as a verb, in reference to MIB appearing where he shouldn't be. We finally get to The Hootenanny! I hope we all enjoyed our Pearl Station brownies ;) I know she's dead now, but I would still like to hear you work in more Char-lotte accents in upcoming podcasts. OMG, did they really never explain Daniel crying at the start of season 4?! I'm going to have to ponder that one... To get through the sonic fence Smokey just needed earplugs :D :D :D On a serious note, I really do like your point that the Claire/Rousseau parallels had so much potential for deeper development. The tie-back to season 1 (raised by another, etc) could have been such graceful and powerful storytelling. Loving the pods, guys. Thanks, as always :)

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:41 am
by Vince
(thanks and) Namaste (and good luck)

I like your theory that Radzinski was actually killed by Kelvin - makes sense, as annoying as they played him & fits w/ Kelvin's personality pretty well. "Widmore was a bad character that couldn't be changed!" :D You two have got some really good ideas on how much better they could have written Ben. I like the suggestion that he could have thought Jacob was a myth and manipulate it to his own ends, and the fallout when he learns he's wrong. I also love the idea that Smokey could have appeared to Ben as his dead father over the years. So much mind-fuckery to be had there. Also, interesting that they could have created behavioral cause/effect loops, ala the watch. AND, if handled differently, the whole 70's Ben could have functioned like an extended twist on the flashback device, expanding on character experience & motivation that led to what we'd seen over the previous 3 seasons. Oh, the unrealized possibilities... But I'm having fun poring over it w/ you - Thanks! (and namaste :) )

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Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:15 am
by Vince
He's Our You

There was a brief moment at the start of the podcast where it seemed Claude had dropped from the call and it really took me back to the old days of Justin reading the news when that would happen regularly :) The more think about it, the more this recurring theme of characters being wrong about big & little-picture explanations could be taken as a nice twist on the story telling device of the unreliable-narrator. "Jake" :D Even if I don't like the character, I love the actor playing Oldham for other roles of Larry (with brother Darryl & other brother Darryl) on the old, but newer, Newhart show) and the detestable E.B. Farnham on Deadwood. BTW, Dharma jail seems like a pretty good deal just for the sandwiches. On a serious note, I really would have liked there to have been a long-held secret that Ben &/or some of The Others actually did remember the Losties' contribution to the 70's, and that knowledge had a bigger impact on how things played out. Put it in the rewrite, guys!

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2019 4:23 pm
by Vince's been 101 days we've been stranded on this island of no LLD :( ...

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:11 pm
by Vince
136 long without LLD that I think I'm hallucinating...for a while, I thought the Care Bears were here... ;)

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 9:45 pm
by Claude
Hey Vince, we are planning to have a new podcast this weekend! Look out for the pallet drop for Dharma branded fidget spinners to keep you busy till then!

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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:58 am
by Stallion
Vince wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 2:11 pm
136 long without LLD that I think I'm hallucinating...for a while, I thought the Care Bears were here... ;)
Haha. Nice, Vince. The other week I put on the Bob Hope Desert Classic from Palm Springs.... he goes freakin' nuts. My father, not Bob Hope...

Happy new LLDs are going to come out. I have been plowing through these things. I was getting concerned I'm actually going to catch up to y'all.... I've made it to episode 144. And, I apparently have to re-watch Expose now....



Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:41 pm
by Justin
The wait is over!

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 3:19 pm
by Stallion
Woooooooo! LLD 2019 holler back. It has been fun catching up in time to all of this stuff. The last epidsode I listened to contained the first Donald Trump reference... I feel like I’ve reached the present state of the world order in LLD time. It’s pretty strange.

I have to say, the original podcast series is a pretty amazing time capsule. As I only started listening in like 2018, I would get excited every time Claude’s call would drop and Justin would read the news headlines. It was fun hearing what was in the headlines like 10 years ago.

Also, loving the recent segments (from where I’m listening now in the end of season three commentary series) where Justin recaps the original LLD episode. Hilarious hearing all the original theories recapped.


Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:36 pm
by Claude
Hey Dan,

I wish I had the time to relisten to all of the old LLD stuff. There's some real gems there, probably more than I can even remember at this point! Actually, definitely more! Justin reading the news when my call dropped is such a specific time period for the podcast. Let us know what other funny/interesting stuff you come across. I remember a very long running gag where I would detail things that were on and not on my business card.

We're going to finish up our Season 5 commentary in the next few weeks and the plan is to take break from the LLD and go over to our other podcast Mr. Podcast so we can do a commentary on Twin Peaks seasons 1-2 which will take a couple months. Then we will be back on the LLD for Season 6 likely starting around August. So just a heads up if you want to pace yourself on catching up!

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Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 3:49 pm
by Stallion
Exciting! Only ever watched twin peaks once, and I thought it was great. Looking forward to hearing you guys talk about it! I will absolutely fire walk with you.

So, listening to you guys try to logic-out (logic-ify?) the time barrier at the moment. First time through I was totally on board that it doesn’t make sense. (I.e. the “payload” gets to the island “later” but the dead doctor gets to the island “sooner.”). That is not consistent. And it seems like the writers could have bungled it. BUT, I think now that perhaps a better way of viewing the time barrier is that it just warps time in random ways. There’s no telling what it will do. Sometimes the island is ahead, sometimes it’s behind. And the degree of ahead/behind varies. Sometimes it poops you out 4 months later in Tunisia; sometimes it just takes 4 extra minutes for a rocket to land on the island.

I think the fact that it is only 4 minutes apart during the rocket experiment indicates this is true, too. Because it would take a lot more than 4 minutes for the dead body to wash up on the shore after he is killed. Thus, the time change/warp/effect of crossing the time barrier must be different every time something passes through. Could be dependent on speed/size or compass direction (maybe the dr. came in from a 315 heading while the rocket came in at a 230 heading or something. We already know that if you leave at a certain heading there will be NO EFFECT from the time barrier.

That said, it is really fun hearing Justin diagram it out and explain how the writers were wrong (if they were trying to be consistent).

Here I am contributing to these conversations way too late.... alas. Looking forward to some twin peaks lowdown. Watching that show always made me want to have a slice of pie and coffee for breakfast.... delightful.

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Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 8:41 pm
by Stallion
Claude in episode 160: “What if it is almost like a Protoss Pylon, where like the light cave is like the pylon and it has a radius of effect.” Oh, thank you for that Starcraft reference. I may have listened to 600 hours of LLD so far, but that is nothing compared to the hours of star craft I played in my life. Ha. En taro Tassadar. Amazing.

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Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 2:02 pm
by Stallion
Thoughts on commentary on Episode 168.

So, Locke tells Jack: “you have to lie” about the island and everything that happened on the island in order to protect it. You both have this reaction of “why? There is no reason to not tell people.” And “it’s not like everyone is Widmore trying to get to it and/or exploit it.” (Paraphrased).

I think that this is an example of getting caught up in solely the characters on the show rather than the implications at large of a place like this. For example, let’s say the survivors get back and explain what happened in truthful terms. Let’s even say they leave out the mystical stuff - how would you expect the entire normal population of the world to react? Add on - there “were strange experiments, odd happenings, etc.,” even more people will want to find it. The US Army has already been there, they would probably freak out and try to find it again. Every news outlet in the world would be Trying to get the scoop on this unknown land mass on the globe (CNN has 24-hour coverage of that lost Malaysian Airlines plane, imagine what the world would have done if three months later survivors appeared and were like, “we found an island nobody knows about.”).

THINK OF THE CARTOGRAPHERS ALONE! The North American Cartographic Information Society (the NACIS, if you will - website here: may describe themselves as “an enjoyable society of map enthusiasts,” but YOU KNOW that they would go rabid over the idea of a new piece of ground to outline on their enthusiastic maps.

Then, once whatever set of people get there - who knows what they will do? They might PUT OUT THE LIGHT (which would be bad, presumably), dig for oil, cause deforestation, the extinction of the Hurley Bird, or expose Dharma’s scientific inadequacies to their peers. None of these are good outcomes.

All this to say: I think it is completely reasonable for John Locke to ask for them to lie. Or, at least I don’t find it to be as incomprehensible as you guys are making it seem in this one. 1-year-too-late for the conversation yet again, but I’m catching up. Cheers.


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Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 1:33 am
by Vince
Whatever Happened, Happened

Great to hear you guys again! Always delighted to listen to you work at so many of Justin's LOST Mind Splinters. Multiple baby theories this pod! Geez, you guys just really love babies.. First, that the Smoke Monster could have long-conned everyone by impersonating baby Aaron as one of the Oceanic 6 is genius. It would have been so DIABOLICAL. Secondly, that Smokey's imprisonment could have somehow been tied to a set population of born-on-islanders is interesting. The connection with the pregnancy problem fits, and the theory that Man in Black could have been manipulating Ben to prioritize the pregger-problem-o solution for his own benefit (a new on-island birth allowing Smokey to leave) is solid. And the return of Wet Shirt Jack! Lastly, excited to hear of the prospect of a Twin Peaks S1-2 commentary (how bold of you to tempt fate by publicly stating a tentative schedule...).

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 5:22 am
by Vince
Dead is Dead (aka We're Just Fuckin' With Ya at This Point..maybe the show was just one massive trolling...)

Yes, LLD listening will be passed down through the generations and I will totes Patreon yuz to get 'Tangents Only' content ;) And I'll go one step beyond - the Prophecy says you guys will be like Jacob and MIB stuck on the “island” of analyzing the show, but with a continual cycle of new generations of followers...and a FURTHER step beyond ~ it’s like the Pearl & Swan: which is the experiment? - the TV show or LLD podcast? which is being observed? is this tlld forum a big pile of notebook-filled pneumatic tube cylinders?! are Damon and Carlton monitoring you guys and taking copious notes?!?!

Anyways. It’s like life!

I’m OK with them almost getting it right (Justin: "an interesting failure"), and us connecting the dots with our own theories to make sense of it all, it’s fun enough (though frustrating at times). You inspired me to write interpretive prose:

What’s the meaning of life, and what happens after you die?
What’s the meaning of LOST, and what happens after it dies?
What’s the meaning of LLD, and what happens after it dies?
What’s the meaning of it all, and what happens after we die?

Anyways. Maybe Jacob was cool with Locke's body being on Ajira 315, so that MIB could be in mortal form and be killed. Egyptian hieroglyphs showing smoke monster could pre-date MIB - why not? Lastly - worth continued consideration, Justin's question: Is there a show or book (or whatever, of similar epic scope) that holds up to such scrutiny, and is consistent in its logic and message?

Like & Namaste! Namaste & Subscribe! LLD E*TRADE code isn’t working, still waiting to hear back from IT help desk...

pps.I listened to the cast twice, and I swear I coldn't think of anything to say after the first time! together, die alone

pppps.giacchino rules

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Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:49 am
by Vince
(LOST yet again! finally getting caught up! I swear these two pods showed up in my feed in July, but with June dates on 'em - I think there's a barrier-style time delay at play...anyway..)

Some Like it Hoth

The DeGroots could have been such an interesting characters in the 70's Dharma story. It feels like missed opportunity, along with Alvar Hanso (and I think D&C basically said 'fuck that' (ala cabin burning) when slave trading grandaddy Hanso is killed offscreen). Thinking about it now, it seems that Hanso was set up (briefly) as the corporate baddie, the role that Widmore filled. Wondering if there was a change in course in the writers' room.. New Unfounded Theory - Radzinski was his first name. His last name...DeGroot! (ridiculous, I know) Fuckin' Bram! Miles was a fun character (though I'm lovingly biased by Ken Leung's Sopranos appearance). As you've pointed out, his power could def have been better utilized. You guys are really exposing a bunch of character/motivation/plot holes that didn't bug me before :O Last thing on this one - I don't give near as much weight to the Swan serial Numbers. It sounds like you see it as The Origin, but to me it feels like just another in a long and mysterious chain of occurrences. I suppose you confirmed that this the chronologically earliest instance (not seen in anything pre-1970's), but Mother's line is called to mind, "Every question (we) answer will simply lead to another question." That and the loops - the compass, Horace, Daniel & Eloise, etc.

The Variable

Your pre-ep banter had me smiling all day - the Claude Segue is LLD's Constant :D and then the chronically-detoured segue :D :D :D More Loops! And, as you said, sad as it may be to consider, for the final LLD (shut my mouth!) to loop, in some way, back to the first LLD would be poetic. Fuckin' Radzinski..SO incendiary. Fuckin' Phil! I would totally have watched a Phil spinoff - just think of the hootenannies. Thank You for the image of Smokey in the 70's depicted in bell bottoms and platform shoes :) I think Daniel's arc (mental health trajectory) is clearer on the rewatch (still, like Miles (and everything else), not perfect). But, I like that it ties into the Island healing powers. BTW, are Widmore and Mrs. H the worst? Still, I appreciate the rather dark turn of Eloise, bound by fate yet coldly calculating, sending her son to his death. It just woulda been nice if the motivations/greater-good would have been clearer...

ANYway. Thanks for solving LOST yet again!

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Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 3:52 am
by Vince
Follow the Leader

As basic as it may be, I think the best thing we got from the 70's thread was confirmation that pushing the button - the Big Mystery of Season 2 - released electromagnetic energy as a means of preventing an(other) Incident. You got me wondering - are Jacob's powers the result of him being born on the island, or from being on the island for 2000 years exposed to its "magic?" Next,100% agreed that Juliet went disappointingly downhill (maybe since the appendectomy, but def w/ Dharma). Ben’s contradictions are ludicrous and ridiculous - he never asked to see Jacob?! or wasn’t clear that he was the leader and had the right to ask?! Richard never took him seriously?...hmm....actually, that might work if he thought saving/healing Young Ben tainted him...But let's not get started on Richard... Interesting alternate idea for Daniel to have told Eloise to get everyone on the Ajira flight (for whatev reason). And OMG (I don't remember which of ya came up w/ it but) - that Smokey could impersonate a living person if they later time traveled to the past and died is IN-FUCKING-SANE!!! So much potential there. Anyway, y’all were sounding a little worn down at the end of this one :D Saw yer plan to finish out 5 and switch gears to TP for a bit. To which I say, "Coo!" Until next time...

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Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 10:29 pm
by Vince
The Incident

I'm so proud of you guys for getting through this one. I think it's (mostly) downhill from here! RIP - The Cabin! Thanks for reminding us of the mysterious, 'Help me,' presumably said by Man in Black. I still have no idea what to make of that. They really needed to give us a little bit more about MIB's loophole - so vague that it just feels hand-wavey plot propulsion. You guys keep coming up w/ interesting ideas - like Radzinski being the Smoke Monster, and maybe Jacob is sending the Losties to the 70s to stop him. As I recall they make us wait one more episode before we get Juliet's final one-quarter pucker.. As Claude said, in some universe there’s a version of LOST that’s way better :) IT"S JUST LIKE LIFE :D :D :D See you in The Present for Season 6!

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Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 7:05 pm
by Stallion
2020! TLLD enters a new decade. Holler!
Such a great episode. Awesome surprise to see a new episode when I was going to the TLLD to listen to an old one as I work on “spreadsheets.”

I subscribed to the YouTube. Also - thanks for my shout out. Haha. Took the headphones out and played that sweet 8 seconds for my wife: “hey! Check it out! They say my name! Awesome!”

Looking forward to the end of the journey. While I agree the story can be frustrating and suffer from “entropy”, I also find that I like the ending from the emotional story telling aspect of it. To me, there were two things going on with this show: 1) the “what is happening? Explain this place!” Side of the show; and 2) the “I enjoy watching these people go and grow through these inexplicable and never-explained happenings” side of the show. While side (1) is what hooked me and ultimately becomes a bit frustrating by the end, side (2) I find quite satisfactory.

I guess It’s a bit of cheap writing answer to a mystery show. Basically the writers say: “don’t pay attention to the lack of answers - just feel emotionally connected to what they went through.” But, at the same time, i find it to be emotionally satisfying if dramatically frustrating. Either way, looking forward to going through season 6 with you guys. Cheers, Dan

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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:02 pm
by Stallion
Just listened to LLD #2. Great paraphrased quote from Claude: “It won’t surprise me if Echo isn’t long for this show. I think his purpose is to put Locke back on track to become season 1 Locke again. Locke is lost and Exho is going to bring Locke back to being the mystical person who has a purpose. So, I think Echo is going to finish the church and that’s about it.” Solid guess. Swing and a miss. Ha. Oh, how we all believed and wanted to believe in Locke. Lol.

Re: Feedback on Commentary Podcasts

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 4:25 am
by Vince

I'm feeling bittersweet about the beginning of the end - TLLD Season 6 Commentary! Good times. I was OK w/ the final season on first (and only) watch. Yes, the Flash Sideways should have meant more. Still, even if the story didn't make a ton of sense it was decent Island-mythology-candy. I think Justin spoke for all of as, though, when he said, "I’ve been disappointed by enough shows, now...'

First, I always feel extra special when I get mentioned on the show :-) Second, “Island timey wimey-ness” - Doctor Who ref! Third, I encourage all of your rewrites - MIB origin story: The Next Chapter; Locke’s whittled weapon :D ; Desmond in the flash sideways/afterlife with Kelvin; MIB eradicating the Losties' afterlife by destroying their flash sideways!

ps. I keep hearing what sounds like dog collar jingles. I'm dying to know - who's pup? name?

What Kate Does

I always love it when you guys take it back to Lord of the Rings-based analysis - old school! I appreciate your point about Sawyer's perspective on childhood trauma in light of Sayid killing young Ben. The Good-Bad Meter! (and all the resultant confusion) Also, fair point that none of the characters care about The Island except Locke, which made him more interesting. I like the Claire-Russeau parallels.

ps. you guys watchin' Westworld? I recommend :) season 3 starts Sunday..