New Season

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New Season

Post by FeFeMartini »

Season Three just premiered... did anyone else see it? can we look forward to a podcast? please?

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Re: New Season

Post by Justin »

I've been watching, probably no podcast, though. Too many TV shows.

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Re: New Season

Post by TheRadioTower »

The new season has been very good, last season had a great storyline with great potential but Lyla (sp?)'s character ruined everything for me. This season so far Jimmy Smits character is decent. However the show still has problems with the rest of the ensemble, I don't care about any of the b storylines involving other cops... as long as the storyline is dexter related I'm interest but as soon as they delve into Debra's bs or Laguerta and smits relationship I stop caring.

Anyone watching the new HBO show Tru Blood? I hate vampires & vampire related shows but this show has been really good especially after the first couple of episodes.

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