A new Point of view of the Miles scene...

Second episode of the fourth season.
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A new Point of view of the Miles scene...

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I know it is a bit long, but stick with me here....!

What if the Money, in the Miles talking to the dead bedroom scene, was a red herring? I think that when Miles was saying "Tell me where "it" is, he was talking about the same "it" that Charlie talked to Hurley about - maybe the island or Jacob? Also he says, "You can go now, " maybe back to the island or current time (ugh). Anyway, if this room were somehow Michaels (!) and if it were Michael in the coffin, then it would fit with the murder (remember in the obituary?)

I think that he was not expecting to find the $ - that was just a by-product of the conversation and that is why he gave some back.

Also, this is why the picture changed when he came back downstairs- it clearly did - he changed something like Desmond apparently did when he 'went back.'

Sorry so long - not totally clear, but maybe the beginning of something interesting!

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