Widmore, Ben, Hostiles, and Dharma

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Widmore, Ben, Hostiles, and Dharma

Post by David3 » Tue Feb 03, 2009 6:51 pm

I agree with Claude that Widmore played a part in Dharma. Obviously I don't have much to base it on, but this is how I see things possibly playing out. Widmore comes to the island at some point and over time believes that he should be the leader of the hostiles. He never becomes the leader so eventually he betrays Richard and the hostiles. At some point he comes across the Degroots and tells them about the island and some of the crazy phenomena that happens there. The Degroots come up with the idea of starting Dharma to do experiments to harness the island's power. Widmore has knowledge of the Hanso family based on the Black Rock and they get Alvar Hanso to fund the project. Widmore is now an off-island leader and has obtained his wealth through Hanso. The purge happens ending Dharma on the island. The island is moved so that Widmore can't find it. The hostiles move in on Dharma facilities and Ben takes over as leader.

As for what the official podcast said about the timing of the purge...I always thought it was weird that people thought it happened in 1993. That would mean that Ben took Alex 5 years before the purge. Wouldn't Ben's dad have said something along the lines of "where in the hell did you get a baby from?" I always thought the purge had to prior to Danielle's team showing up.

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