Some thinking, Sawyer

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Some thinking, Sawyer

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So this is how the timeline maintains itself... by cutting off the ability for Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate to think through the implications of what they are doing. In contrast to them, Hurley is a fucking intellectual.

Had Sawyer, Juliet and Kate been allowed to think, the timeline would have been complicated, and the LOST writers would have had a mess on their hands. As every LOST fan knows, any one of these characters would leap at the opportunity to kill an adult Ben Linus; here all they had to do was do nothing.

While I appreciate LOST writers feeling obligated to uphold basic morality by having their characters insist that even children who grow up to be murderers be allowed to do so, such morality only makes sense when the child has a chance ("free will") to change his future. However, according to the "rules" of time travel on LOST, young Ben has no choice but to grow into the adult Ben we despise; therefore, Sawyer and Kate have to look the other way even when Richard Alpert reminds them that young Ben will "lose his innocence" and become an Other.

The result is that, not only is thinking avoided, but so is any confrontation with complicated moral and ethical issues. In my opinion, the only thoughtful and ethical actor on the show is Sayid, for what he tried to do.

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