Faraday's Theory

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Faraday's Theory

Post by David3 »

So Faraday has now decided that they can change the past? WTF?

He thinks that if they prevent the incident, then the chain of events that caused the plane to crash will never happen.

Not so fast.

If the plane never crashes then the chain of events that led to them stopping the incident would never happen. You'd be back to where you started.

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by Stephen »

it's not the past, it's the losties present. how silly. humans are the variable, but (non-humans?) are the constant... so if the Swan is destroyed apparently the losties (aka variables) will not go to the island...

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by CorpsesAndChaos »

hi, time travel sucks in every form.

why does he need an H-bomb to prevent the Swan Hatch? seems a little extreme. why not just push forward the purge date? its not like Radzinksy and the rest of the bozo-wimps they have their in DHARMA-ville are going to have a chance to stop it now. who is going to enforce the truce anyhow? Ann Arbor? whatever.

why was Kate so insistent on bringing guns with them? "we better bring guns, theyre not going to be happy to see us." why didnt they bring guns the first time? and how mad has Alpert ever been when talking/negotiating with the Losties? that seemed like some really forced writing their to project the story forward for Faraday to get shot. "you listen to me! im on your territory with a peashooter and i call the shots... until im saved next episode"

this show should have ended like 2 seasons ago for real.
its such a goosechase as they run their contract out.

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by Perry »

I think they ruined Daniel in this episode, and then killed him. I guess it's a change up from getting us to like the characters before killing them.
1. They had Daniel give the message to Charlotte, which they had to but for the reason that he thought he could change things? Please.
2. Agreeing with David3, it seemed proposterous that they thought we would buy Daniel's explaination of how to stop the events from happening. Made absolutely no sense at all.
This leaves me very disappointed in Dan; hopefully he lost his memory while off the island and he forgot his Physics 101, or at least his space-time course.
I was then glad that he got shot, and that put an end to that madness.

How crazy is that, Eloise sent her son to be shot by her. Rewatching that scene where she convinces him to go, you can see how she feels about it. I noticed her facial expressions the first time but didn't realise what was behind the looks til the end.

If you assume Dan's just gone crazy, then I liked the episode otherwise. A lot of stuff going on.

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by Claude »

dan deserves a much better death. i hope he isnt dead.

having kate insist they bring guns is a contrivance, but it gets us the shootout at the OK motorpool. And without a gun, dan wouldn't have been able to threaten alpert in the very out of character way he did. season's almost over, they have to ratchet up the drama and action.

I love how dan explains they might be able to stop the chain of events, but stops short of explaining how it wouldn't cause a paradox.

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by 420brownie »

I hate it, but I believe Dan is dead. They foreshadowed it a bit when Dan told Jack that any of them could die. Also, the whole "twist of fate" of his mom being the one that kills him but also the one who has to push him towards the island loses some lustre if he's not dead. Plus you have Elloise makin her comment to Widmore about her "sacrifice". But...here's my question. What's the point? I have to believe that killing Dan is the catalyst for the string of events that follow, whatever that may be.

Another question, why didn't Alpert or Ellie recognize Dan? Sure, it's been 20 years, but it seems like they would have remembered him. It seems like Alpert sort of remembers him "do I know you", just seems like there wouldn't have been any doubt.

Yeah, the gun thing was definitely a contrivance, not only for the shootout at the motorpool corral, but also for having Ellie shoot Dan. Any other time he would have gone in unarmed with hands in air, showing that he meant no harm.

Prediction, Miles finally tells Chang that he is his son from the future, and Chang gets Sawyer and crew out of Radzinsky's hands, then proceeds to get as many people off the island ad possible. The incident occurs as planned, which ends up sending the losties back to the present to hook up with Locke and Ben and Sun.

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by future_justin »

Why is it a contrivance that they brought guns? They are going to see the others after all not a pack of old ladies playing cards in a park in florida. Last time Kate met the Others she was held at gunpoint. Last time Faraday met the others half of the people along with him got killed by flaming arrows, he learned that they had killed a bunch of US soldiers and he was dragged into their camp at gunpoint and held prisoner. Considering this they better bring guns! Infact it would be stupid not to. And considering what happened last time Faraday met the others it is totally understandable that he was on edge and went into the camp armed.
why was Kate so insistent on bringing guns with them? "we better bring guns, theyre not going to be happy to see us." why didnt they bring guns the first time?
In case you did not notice, last time around Kate was trying to steal a kid while his father was running an errand. Not nearly enough time to steal guns too. Never in the history of the show have the Losties ever gone to see the others unarmed.

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by Justin »

I will not post that in the future.

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by FeFeMartini »

So I've still been keeping up with both Lost and with TLLD (Which is infinitely better). I've been a huge lost fan for years, but they're really starting to annoy me. The ruined Faraday in this episode, and he was one of my favorite characters. And I truly cannot tolerate one more episode where the biggest revelation is another parent/child connection. If it wasn't for TLLD I probably wouldn't even watch Lost anymore. :-/

But C & J: Still doing a great job! ^_^

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Re: Faraday's Theory

Post by David3 »

Prediction: While trying to prevent the incident, we'll find out that Jack and Kate were actually the cause of the incident.

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