Theory About Dan's Notebook

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Theory About Dan's Notebook

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What we know...

Dan has spent his entire adult life studying space-time.
Everything Dan has learned about the Dharma Initiative is in the journal.
Dan was studying the same type of time travel that Desmond was experiencing.
Dan felt the need to have a constant.
Dan did time traveling experiments on himself as well as Theresa.

Here's the theory about how Dharma stuff ended up in the Journal. I guess is could have happened one of two ways...

1. Mid-90s Dan experienced conscious time traveling with future Dan who was actually in the 70s. Maybe while he was away at Ann Arbor. When he'd return to the mid-90s he'd write down what he learned in his journal. In 2004, when he goes to the island, he has no memory of how that stuff ever got into the journal.

2. Dan experiments in the mid-90s causes his present self (the one in the 70s) to go back in time to the mid-90s (well, forward in time, but past for him). Once he's there he writes everything he's learned in the journal. I know this scenario seems weird, but with whatever happened, happened, it's possible.

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