Charlotte Staples Lewis, Narnia, and Time

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Charlotte Staples Lewis, Narnia, and Time

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I think the obvious reference to the Chronicles of Narnia (Charlotte Staples Lewis = C.S. Lewis) that the writers are making has to do with the difference in time between the island and the outside world.

From wikipedia: "Visitors to Narnia observe that the passage of time while they are away is unpredictable. For example, if one year had passed since one left Narnia and returned, a thousand years, or perhaps only a week, could have gone by in Narnia."

So the writers could be going any number of ways on this issue. Either time goes faster on island, slower on island, or more like Narnia it's just unpredictable...kinda like the unpredictable effects of the islands "barrier" on time-traveling. They seem to like unpredictability, it definitely gives them less accountability on their part.

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