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LOST in Blue (3)...

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 2:09 am
by muttonboy
So I got one of those Nintendo DS things (too much writing; bad hands; only games I can play are with the touch-screen pen thingy) and I download this LOST IN BLUE 3 game and it IS 'Lost' in video game form. (Much better than what I've seen of the Via Dumas on YouTube). Of course there are problems with it, but if Lost had actually done its game the way Lost in Blue is done, it would be better accepted I think...

My thoughts:

1. Easy gameplay
2. Lost-like storyline (though the story isn't told in a compelling way). I suspect LOST could file action....but then Lost by its own admission is a take on many other art forms (storylines, etc).
3. A lot of time spent eating, etc.
4. Not great graphics (but I'll take gameplay over graphics anyday)
5. No sex in a cage...

Any one else with any thoughts?