The Island Reality

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The Island Reality

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To summarize what's up in Island Reality:

Jacob is dead.
Lapidus still has his sense of humor.
Sun has the presence of a stump.
Bram is not as smart as he thinks he is (and is now dead).
The Swan was still built and subsequently destroyed.
Juliet is dead (again).
Sawyer blames Jack.
Kate is Kate.
Miles still talks to dead people.
Hurley (wearing a red shirt) & Jin lead them to The Temple.
Cindy is peachy.
Zach & Emma are fine, young Others.
Sayid is dead, then is not dead.
Locke is dead (again, again, for real..?).
Ben survives.
Alpert has been taken.
Bob Loophole wants to go home (and the man behind that curtain is...).

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