I RIP'd Juliet already!!

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I RIP'd Juliet already!!

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So I'm reflecting on LOST and I want to be thinking about why Desmond was on the plane, why the island was under a lot of water even though it still had the barracks on it (can an island sink that deep in 30 years?), and even what the hell is gonna happen when Locke calls Jack for that free boo-boo'd-spine-consultation, but all I keep thinking is why the hell did they have the Juliet stuff in this episode???? I really like the way they ended last season and (supposedly) ended Juliet's character - but to bring her back just to bury her really bothers me. (I know, we'd all be asking what happened to her if they didn't bury her seeing as though the blast didn't kill everyone but simply (simply!??!) shifted 'copies' of people around...) I just felt they ended her arc great with Sawyer's sweaty pleading face and her own kinda-ghostly hand smashing the bomb and this stuff this season just dragged it out....maybe if I'd watched it all (season 5 end and season 6 start) continuously it wouldn't be so bad. I don't know. Any thoughts on my angst, I need to get past this and start thinking about Richard and his chains...

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Re: I RIP'd Juliet already!!

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They had to stuff Juliet in this episode so that she could tell Sawyer that 'it worked'. I agree that I felt like I already said goodbye to Juliet, but she did seed that the two realities are somehow connected and also it just makes sense that she would have flashed to 2007 with the rest.

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Re: I RIP'd Juliet already!!

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I'm dying to know how she knew that it worked. Maybe since she was literally at ground zero she warped to the alt reality for a brief time and then warped back?

I was a little surprised that they killed her off TBH. I figured we either wouldn't see her at all or she'd be back full-time. So when she made her appearance, I thought she was back. I know she's moved on to V, but as crazy as their production schedule must be, I really thought she'd be able to do both shows. Of course, she could still be on the show in various forms, either appearing to Hurley on the island, or in the alt reality.

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Re: I RIP'd Juliet already!!

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I had put Juliet to rest but I think having her show up twice in the episode smashing the bomb, they had to have her I think. Plus, I'm sure they will have her show up in the alternate timeline later on.

Your angst kind of reminds me of the strangeness that was Greatest Hits, where there was all this emotional goodbye to Charlie only to have the episode end before anybody thought he should be dead and then die in the finale the next week.

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