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Post by SylviaJi »

I know where u live!

<3 Sawyer

paul in vegas
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Re: Claude...

Post by paul in vegas »


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Re: Claude...

Post by Claude »

Syl, that means you gotta come over and watch Lost!

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Re: Claude...

Post by Rebelle »

Ha ha, can I come too?
I'm in Cali :D

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Re: Claude...

Post by Lara »

I'll bring the popcorn and a 6 pack if I can come too. . . . . :-)

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Re: Claude...

Post by FeFeMartini »

Everyone's welcome to come over here for Lost... I'm in Kate's home state.... good ol Iowa. :-P

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Re: Claude...

Post by MekareQ »

LIAR! You've said you're in California. Now that we have a state, we will be able to track you down! I am going to wander around Cali until I run into you, and then... let the stalking begin!!

(BTW, totally joking)

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Re: Claude...

Post by You-Know-Who »

Does anyone on here live in Portland, OR? I kinda feel special living in a city that was in an episode title... :)

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