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LLD Advice Column

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Dear Claude & Justin,
Is it unethical to fire an employee just because of her Lost discourse? I should start by saying that she is a shipper. She is always trying to spoiler me and some of the rest of us here in the office. I'm her boss, and I practically have to utilize force to keep her from telling me about the "next week on Lost." Plus, she is always trying to argue with us, and is always wrong. Just now, for instance, she interrupted my conversation with my own boss (Lost is all any of us talk about, except when she is around, and we just try to keep mum) to claim that the Dharma losties are in 1974 instead of 1977! Honestly!
I am at my whit's end. I tried calling my HR liason, but she hung up on me; I think she thought it was a prank. Help me!
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Re: LLD Advice Column

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We've all been there. At work, a party, church, there's always someone who is "a big Lost fan" but invariably gets the details wrong as they exclaim inanities. Lost is a double-edge sword. It's the kind of show that can bring people together with it's intriguing mysterious and character development: all ripe topics for conversation. But the show can also be divisive because, well, some people refuse to use logic and/or look at the facts the show presents, thereby creating conflict. As to your question, is it unethical to fire this employee based on her Lost discourse? Yes. But, is it unethical to fire a Spoilerer*, absolutely not!! For this lawless crime there is no recourse.

*Spoilerer- one who intentionally gives spoilers. See ass or jerk.

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