Claude's LOST script

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Claude's LOST script

Post by TheRadioTower »

I remember Claude said in the finale podcast that he may write a LOST script over the offseason. I was wondering if you ended up writing it or not? If you did, is there any chance we can get our hands on it?

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Re: Claude's LOST script

Post by David3 »

I'm looking forward to reading it.

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Re: Claude's LOST script

Post by Claude »

Ahh, my Lost spec. Well seeing as how I haven't started yet and Lost is returning in a few weeks, doesn't look like it's going to happen. Been way too busy the past few months :(

How about a spec Flashfoward instead? That's the same, right?

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Re: Claude's LOST script

Post by Perry »

Sure, but only 11 days to go.
Hmm... no, 12 days, since it's the 3rd here. Let's see... Feb 2nd 9PM ET = Feb 3rd 1PM AEDST. So Feb 3rd 1PM AEDST - Jan 22nd 3:57AM = 11.38 days from now.

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Re: Claude's LOST script

Post by riothero »

damnit, claude! i was so looking forward to reading some of your work! i just re-listened to the podcast where you announced your plan to write something over the summer. this may sound strange, but part of me suspected it wasn't gonna happen... not because i ever doubted your skills-- the reason i listen to the LLD and only the LLD is that you guys offer the smartest analysis of the show (and it certainly helps that you aren't annoying like ALL the other podcast hosts). ...but because season five ended in such a way (with a hydrogen bomb blowing everything up) that it would have been insane for you to try to predict the direction the show would take in its final season.

perhaps a better time to write would be in the middle of the season, so that you would be able to sense not only of where the characters are (at that particular point in their development), but where the season as a whole is moving in the first place. better yet, though i've never been a reader of 'fanfic', i'm sure there will be an increased demand for LOST 'fanfic' after season six is over. as the damon and carleton have said, there will still be a lot for LOST fans to talk about -- even after the show's finale. furthermore, it may just be easier to write something after the show has ended, because you won't have to worry about the possibility that your theories will be proven wrong in 'official' future episodes.

in the meantime, you might think about posting some other script you have written (i'm assuming you have), since i'm sure i'm not the only one who would enjoy reading it!

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