I'm a nielsen family!

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I'm a nielsen family!

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...or at least it seems that I may become one...

I remember...I don't exactly know why, but I remember, a llloooonnnnngggg time ago you guys had a discussion about nielsen families on the show (I forget if it was in mr podcast, or a tangent in the lld). as it just so happens, i received a letter from the nielsen company (for anyone reading who doesn't know, the nielsen corporation is in charge of the television "ratings" system). my household has been randomly chosen to be a nielsen family (an american family that forms the pool of data to determine what everyone is watching) the letter states that "relatively few homes are selected to take part in this survey."

I just submitted a survey to them, and i guess they will look at the results and determine if I am nielsen material. if I am, everyone in the house will be keeping a journal of everything we watch. its kind of exciting to be a miniscule part of tv history in a way. the subject has been interesting to me ever since C&J talked about it back in the day, and from back when lost was losing ratings, i always wondered about the people who record that data.

In the podcast you guys mentioned that you didn't know anybody, or even know anybody who knew anybody who was a nielsen family member, so now i guess you do. just thought you'd think thats interesting.

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