smokey and jacob prediction

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smokey and jacob prediction

Post by Silentbob » Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:11 am

so, long ago, in egyptian times or something, jacob, smokey and some other people crashed on the island in a shipwreck or something. jacob became the leader of the group, in a similar way to jack, became the leader of their group, full of humans, with no powers or smoke monsters. smokey, then the man in black, was a sort of second command, like sayid, locke, etc. in their group of survivors. the island had some mystical properties, and the people stayed and built temples and stuff. jacob and smokey were granted powers, or maybe learned how to conjure them from the islands magic stuff. (im still not sure if thats too fantasy/sci-fiish)

jacob wanted to share the island with the world so he used his power to attract more people to the island. smokey did not want to bring others to the island, but because jacob was the leader, he continued to. they continued the cycle each time they came: fighting, destruction and corruption or whatever he said. smokey led a rebellion against jacob, or betrayed him in some way, and as punishment he imprisoned him on the island and turned him into a cloud of smoke. thousands of years later, smokey learned how to live as his form and eventually how to claim the deads form. i believe that any powerful entity on the island can have this ability, which would explain all the other apparitions. so once he was able to do this (sometime in the last 100 years or so) he has just since then been laying the groundwork to find his loophole.

i don't entirely believe this to be true, i want it to be a bit more coherent than that, but its just a prediction...i had other details that made it work beter, but ill have to remember them.

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