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If Ilana already knows who the candidates are, why does she go around asking everyone, "what lies in the shadow of the statue?"

We learn that there are only six candidates left to replace Jacob, there are only five still alive. Reyes 8, Ford 15, Jarrah 16, Shephard 23, and Kwon 42. Possibilities for the 6th candidate. Austen #51, Illana counted the Kwons twice, she's still counting Locke for some reason.

Who selects Jacob's replacement? At this point, it seems that Jacob has chosen Jack.

Since we know that Jack can't kill himself, will he also no longer age? Obviously this would be true for all six candidates because Kate and Sawyer have clearly aged since they were touched by Jacob.

Jacob was hoping he was wrong about Ben. Was Ben also a candidate?

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Re: Candidates

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I'm still pulling for Frank.
You guys are pretty quick to write him off but the Island wants him.
and he's awesome.
Who doesn't love Frank?

I just wish I knew what the hell 'candidate' 'to replace jacob' entails.
Job description please.
Then I might have a better idea who the one who is the one might be.
I looked on lostpedia and Lapidus isn't on any of the lists but that makes him also not necessarily crossed out.

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