Sunday is too late for the lowdown

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Sunday is too late for the lowdown

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I know Claude and Justin aren't to blame for when the podcast comes out, in fact Sunday has always been the day that it comes out, but in the past it worked because if Lost came out on Wednesday you would have a lot of time to listen to the lowdown, and it was even better when Lost came out on Thursdays because not only would you have almost a whole week to listen to the lowdown but because lost would come out so close to the weekend you didn't need to wait that long to hear Claude and Justin's reactions. Now that lost is coming out on Tuesdays and the lowdown keeps its Sunday release, not only does it feel like you are waiting a very long time but also you barely have enough time to listen to them all you have is the rest of Sunday night and then the next day you have even less time because you have work/school during the week. If the lowdown came out late Saturday night it would make a huge difference, one day does not seem like a lot but when you factor in work/school during the week you can get a lot more done on the weekend than during the week. I know that's asking a lot and I know that Sunday has always been the day that worked for Claude and Justin the people who I really blame is ABC for changing the day to Tuesdays.

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Re: Sunday is too late for the lowdown

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Yeah we know it sucks too. The good news is starting next week we may be able to record a lot earlier in the week! We'll keep you guys posted...

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