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Maybe it's just me, but I was un-impressed with this episode. With the exception of Ilana's death, (that we saw coming a mile away) I think the season would be unchaged if you skipped over this one on the DVD. Did I miss it? I feel like all the other episodes have been a necessary piece of the puzzle.

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Re: Ouch

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Even if ypu didn't like this episode, there was way too much plot to skip over. Not only did Ilana die, but her team split up. There was a definitive final word on the whispers (sorry Claude). Hurley's group meets up with Locke. Desmond gets thrown down a frickin' well by Locke. Desmond runs Locke over with a rental car. The Black Rock is destroyed. Richard is grumpy. I feel like there was actually a lot of stuff in this episode. Maybe not as many pieces to the puzzle, but a plot mover nonetheless.

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Re: Ouch

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yeah, this thing was pretty weak. overall, most of season 6 has been really unimpressive for how big of a world these writers weaved into our imaginations.

the show is so silly billy now. "wehehe Ilana blows up in a dark comedy sort of way. but who really cares because we didnt know much about her anyhow." the whispers being explained as dead people - yeah bullcrap. ret-con mania there. theres been so many times we seen them around the others, etc... not to mention they changed the Others, so with that, the whispers changed but it seems like the so-called final call was what theyre currently on.

i dont know. this show just reeks of a mediocre Vertigo graphic novel.

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