Michael not in the coffin... I guess

The premiere episode of the fourth season of Lost.
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Michael not in the coffin... I guess

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Hey Guys! I'm a big lost fan from Germany! Thanks for the great podcast!!!

I'm just listening to your latest podcast and you mentioned the big revelation that the returned lostees are in fact celebrities. My thought is: doesn't that mean that it's definately *not* Michael who is in that mysterious coffin? I mean, the only way he'd stay out of prison after the other Lostees returned, would have been them not telling anyone they are 815 survivors, for example to protect the island or something. But apparently they *did* tell authorities where they where coming from, and I cannot think of *any* reason why they wouldn't say anything about Michael being a killer. I'm sure they did, and police would have found him easily (given how easily Jack found his funeral). Michael is either already dead, in prison, or a fugitive. There's no way he'd just been living in his appartment with his son as if nothing happened.

What do you think?


edit: ah, nevermind. I jumped the gun here ab bit I guess. Hurley denies knowing Ana-Lucia, so apparently, the Oceanic six didn't tell anyone anything. The cop doesn't know Ana-Lucia was shot...

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Re: Michael not in the coffin... I guess

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I'm not sure if this was mentioned on this podcast, or if I heard it somewhere else, but its unlikely that anyone that was on the plane is the person in the coffin. The Oceanic survivors are celebrities now. If one were to die by hanging themselve, it would be a media event. The viewing/funeral would likely receiver much media attention.

I still think we haven't met the person inside the coffin. I think it will turn out to be someone they met in conjunction with getting off the island, or maybe even someone Jack was depending on in attempting to get back to island.

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