New Podcasts!

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New Podcasts!

Post by Claude »

Two commentary podcasts have been posted, covering "The New Man in Charge" and ep 1x03 "Tabula Rasa." Sync up and watch along with us! Each commentary podcast has one .mp3 file with just Claude and Justin, one .mp3 file that also includes the episode audio. Tell us what you think! And Happy New Year!

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Re: New Podcasts!

Post by razzledazzle77 »

I like the commentary episodes. I listened to the one for "The New Man in Charge". It was a lot of fun! I was debating on rewatching Lost, but now that the Lost Lowdown is back- I just have to rewatch Lost! =)


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Re: New Podcasts!

Post by tizudyzae »

good stuff keep it up.

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Re: New Podcasts!

Post by Stephen »

Excellent. I listened to both of them last night. I had actually never heard of "the man in charge" previously. pretty fun to watch. great podcast as always.

Also Lost related:

I overheard this conversation at work today:

woman: so i played the lottery with these RANDOM numbers some guy on my facebook posted as his status. i won 120 bucks.
they were like 4... 8.... i forgot

me: 15 16 23 42 .. .?

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Re: New Podcasts!

Post by David3 »

Thanks for the commentary podcasts. Look forward to hearing more of them.

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Re: New Podcasts!

Post by Bill »

I thought there was a mistake when I saw itunes downloading 4 new LLD podcasts. Great to hear you guys again! Although I'm pretty much over Lost and still so disappointed with the finale that I never even watched it a 2nd time, I'm really looking forward to your new podcasts.

Happy New Year!

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Re: New Podcasts!

Post by r10th3r0 »


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