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Question about the ‘Lost’ finale: I thought we were supposed to see Walt one last time? Did something change? – Craig
You perhaps got wind of what ‘Lost’ boss Carlton Cuse said at last week’s Times Talk Live event: “You will actually see Malcolm [David Kelley], when all is said and done.” But he wasn’t necessarily referring to the series finale that was broadcast on Sunday. So yes, they did find a way to reintroduce (a grown) Walt, but you’ll have to wait for the Season 6 DVD extras.

I remember reading a quote a couple months ago about how they'll answer some questions outside the framework of the show. But we'd have to wait and see how. I guess the DVDs are going to do that. I remember specifically the Dharma food drops being something they may answer this way.

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Re: Walt

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Yeah looking forward it. Atleast there is some more new lost content to look forward to.

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