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Hey so now that the finale has set in...I have been drinking and thinking some about the ending, specifically the Ajira 6 passengers...and I really hope Claude & Justin continue this topic and question I have, at the end of their finale recap podcast because its interesting and really quite hysterical figuring out how exactly them flying back home would actually work...in the podcast they mention probably its to Guam or Fiji which makes sense... So Frank flies the plane back to one of these airports and lands the plane and my question is what the fuck do they say and what ends up happening to our Losties? I'm guessing there will be a collective WTF moment from all the greeters...
AJIRA 6 People
FranK: so he lands a plane that has disappeared in the Pacific, about two weeks later than scheduled to whichever locale...then needs to explain where's hes been during that time and where the other lets say 50 Ajira passengers are, and how are there besides Kate, 4 new people on the plane now
Kate: she would be in trouble I am guessing for jumping agreed upon parole,but would become a bigger celebrity because she somehow survives two separate plane disappearances in the Pacific..bad luck or good luck?
Sawyer: An original Oceanic 815 survivor is somehow on this Ajira plane after Oceanic SIX promised the world nobody else survived...wheres he been for three years with Claire? plus, i believe there is warrant out for his arrest for murdering that shrimp guy in season one so maybe he might have to deal with that eventually
Claire: similar situation to Sawyer...people would ask where you been and whats up with ur hair haha..
Richard Alpert: a man who has no real direct connection to anyone in modern day world so he would be like this mystery man for authorities...very interesting to follow him
Miles: his would be the most boring because he was on freightor that not too many people new about and he could say he was just hitching a ride i guess

So If they tell the truth, public officials would put two and two together and figure out that the Oceanic Six were full of shit and they were somewhere where the Ajira plane was just last and the whole big lie would unravel which causes lots of people to either question them about the island or like send the military to start looking for the damn thing...

My question is knowing how Sawyer loves to lie and con, what exactly do you think he'd say that would be believable enough even maybe in TV land that would allow them to keep the mystery of where they were and the island a secret because there is just a lot of explanations they have to deal with..Especially to the family of missing Ajira passengers...Membata lie repeat won't work

We get an epilogue with Hurley and Ben on the island with the DVD, but I just wanna see the first scenes after the Ajira Six land...now that would be great

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i enjoyed reading your post and i look forward to Claude and Justin addressing your ideas.

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very interesting. along these lines, i have been thinking about what they will tell poor little ji yeon when she's growing up.

"ok, so your mom and dad were in a plane crash. your dad died, but your mom survived (according to 'the oceanic 6 cover up story). she was pregnant with you. she got off the island and was part of the oceanic 6, and then 3 years later, the oceanic 6 got on another plane that also went missing. two weeks later, it showed up without your mom on it, because she died." what a crazy story. that kid is going to have issues.

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