Dexter On Netflix

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Dexter On Netflix

Post by MekareQ »

If you have a Netflix account, you can watch Season One of Dexter on the "Watch Now" part of your account for no additional fee. I think the quality may be better than any of the free options.

I've already seen them all on DVD, but thought others might be interested.

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Re: Dexter On Netflix

Post by Jeri »

Thanks! I will go there now...
Last time I checked Netflix did not format to a Mac - ridiculous!
I hope they have fixed that - I just finished "Six Feet Under" on DVD and would like a fix of that actor.

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Re: Dexter On Netflix

Post by You-Know-Who »

Nope, i'm pretty sure netflix is still macist, you can watch season 2 on showtimes site though.

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