brief movie review round up

30 Rock, Dexter, BSG
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brief movie review round up

Post by Justin »

I was recently very sick and had the chance to catch up on some movies I missed over the past few years.

Birdman 6 out of 10
Part madcap backstage comedy, part Barton Fink/Adaptation-esque rumination on commercialism vs art, part depressing character study. This movie is a mess. It was entertaining, but I don't think it did anything those other movies didn't do better. I guess this is what passes for a great movie these days.

Nightcrawler 5 out of 10 Gyllenhaal is great, but the rather formulaic and pumped-up story of a creepy go-getter never really does anything that threatens to be interesting. Imagine your least favorite episode of Dexter, but Dexter works for the news media.

Under the Skin 7 out of 10 A bizarre, largely improvised, completely vague and unexplained sci-fi story about an alien taking men's bodies and...doing something with them. I enjoyed the style and to a lesser extent the commentary on humanity. It moves slowly and feels old fashioned for that reason. Definitely the most interesting of the three, but also not for everyone, this movie demands your patient surrender.

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Re: brief movie review round up

Post by Claude »

Thanks Justin!!

"never really does anything that threatens to be interesting"

"this movie demands your patient surrender."

Ebert would be proud!

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