Podcast #155

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Podcast #155

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Faraday was not born on the island (abc podcast confirms this..). I think he got "fried" due to the brain damage from the rat tests. His lab assistant did not die..but was "messed" up..not to the point where if you're on or close to island (ie. Charlotte) but similar. Whidmore paid her medical bills and funded Faraday's research (which brought him back to the island..again from abc podcasts).

Yes,that writer strike did cause some issues..but i think they recovered ok..but then again i have not listened to all your podcasts yet..lol.

I do agree with your discussion about interpretations and how "we" keep changing it or evolving (btw, that's what i love about Lost, not too mention all the history/science/Greek mythology/books etc i have learned about). I prefer to be like lawyers and use scenes and facts from the show since it "speaks for itself" apparently..lol. I do think we can do this...the main facts are there...

Pet peeves...all valid points. I don't think Smokey really knew the future....but since he has been on that damn island so long...he has perfected the game. Jacob did not know for sure nor did Smokey what would happen (you can see in the last few episodes of s6, he does not know things, like Desmond power/and Whidmore's weapon to pull the "plug", or that Sayid did not kill him etc.). That is why Jacob had more than one candidate. On the Smokey side..he did not necessarily have to have Ben kill Jacob...your point about how did he know Ben would return..maybe he didn't, he just used that when he did..but who knows...lol. I tend to find ways to make it work..glad i have you guys...who are not afraid to be critical (and it obvious you overall enjoyed the show...right??).

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Re: Podcast #155

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Hey, good points!

The thing about Smokey knowing the future is mainly just the idea that he can scan people's mind and see their memories. So when you throw in time travel, it could be possible that Smokey can scan say Locke in the 50s, and know things that are going to happen on the island in the future where Locke is from. That would give me an advantage and help setup the whole loophole to kill Jacob!

And YES we LOVE LOST! We have been podcasting about it for 10 years and counting, a 3rd of our lives! It has infected our "Hearts and Minds" for better or worse! Hands down our favorite TV show ever!! Which is why we can call out when it's sucky or doesn't meet expectations, and still love it. Like a loved one! And as we talk about on the podcast quite often, Lost is somehow better because it's not "perfect." A perfect show is one that leaves you with little to talk about. That's why we couldn't podcast about say, Breaking Bad for 10 years. It's a great show and everything is wrapped up nicely. Sometimes a little mess makes things better!

Thanks for the comments!

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