Question about Jacob & MIB

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Question about Jacob & MIB

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First off as a newbie to the board I justed want to let Claude & Justin know that I find your podcast hilarious as well as very informative. You guys really know your Lost stuff. I listened to your last few from season 5, and love the marathon podcast sessions.

So, do we know if either Jacob or his counterpart MIB (who we now know is the smoke monster and pretending to be Locke) can be in more than one place at a time? In other words, if the MIB (fake Locke) is still on the beach near the Four Toed Statue with Ben, Frank, Sun, etc., can he also be roaming the island trying to invade the temple or doing other stuff at the exact same time? If not, then it seems all the weird stuff that is happening at the temple with Sayid and his healing and coming back to life and being "claimed" would have nothing to do with MIB as he is clearly over by the Statue during all this. Any thoughts?

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Re: Question about Jacob & MIB

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One thought that I had about this is that he could be in 3 places at once. They call em Cerberus vents (3 headed), and we've often seen Smokey break off into 3 seperate lines. This could help with complicating some theorising, allowing multiple things to be Smokey.

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