What is the Island!

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What is the Island!

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Hello Lost Fans. Most of us were not really satisfied about how Lost ended.I know I was still left little hungry for more,too many unanswered questions.Like What's the deal with the Island?We know the creators of the show and the writers ,like to leave easter-eggs in the show for us to find,also they do homages to science-fiction movies too.Let's for a moment consider the the entire show was one big easter-eggs.Clues throw about like salt from a salt shaker,for us to decipher!First, let us consider why did Smokey and Jacob's brother merge into one supernatural entity?Taking on Jacobs brothers personality,wanting to leave the Island and kill his (brother)!My theory is,that Smokey was trapped in the cave by the ancient inhabitants(Egyptians,etc)the bodies we saw in the cave.These ancients did what Desmond and Jack did,uncorked the stream and killed whoever Smokey was posing as.Conversely Smokey was trapped in the cave as a Tabula Rasa(White-Blank Slate),like a blank DVD waiting for information to be encoded on to it. Later, Jacob threw brother down the cave.All that was Jacob's brother was downloaded on to Smokey.Now free Smokey fly out of the cave as a Smokey/Jacob's brother hybrid. End Part 1 Another homage to a sci-fi movie is "Forbidden Planet".Where the alien race had invented devices where they could make real your thoughts ,good and bad.This Race was destroyed by these machines,because they couldn't control the Monsters from the Id.Monsters from the subconscious mind.Deus Ex Machina(god from the machine)I like the more literal translation,Monsters from the Machine.I believe the Island , it such a Machine.In the Orchid video, Dr Edgar Halliwax mentions the Island's creation of a Casimir effect and negative charged "exotic" matter.The theory is ,a meteor crashed on the Island which has properties to manifest thoughts into reality ,or the Island is imbued with these properties.In the movie 'Sphere' where an alien device(sphere)is found which able to manifest thoughts in real physical reality.I believe the Source /The Light in deed a device natural on artificial,which powers every thing we see. The Box , that Ben mentions.

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Re: What is the Island!

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Thanks for sharing your theory! It's been so long since I've had to process Lost theories. My head hurts now :)

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Re: What is the Island!

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That talk about a 'BOX' never amounted to anything! OK, it was a "metaphor"--but what a loose fucking metaphor!

We need a list, not of unexplained mysteries, but of LOST's most annoying red herrings/abandoned plot points/deliberately misleading 'clues'. I nominate that "box" for first place (tied with the "blast door map")!

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