I'm walkin' here!

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I'm walkin' here!

Post by David3 »

To show my complete ignorance when it comes to older movies, I always thought the "I'm walkin' here!" line originated in Back to the Future 2.

There's a clip on youtube that shows both scenes:


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Re: I'm walkin' here!

Post by Stephen »

I laughed a lot when I heard "i'm walkin' here" in "What Kate Does." I remember Sawyer saying it of course, but i also remember C&J poking fun at it too. Thanks for posting this link!

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Re: I'm walkin' here!

Post by Perry »

Does anyone else not realise that Sawyer wasn't walking on a road in Australia?
"Sarah" and "Tom" were driving on the wharf.
I think I would be annoyed too if I were Sawyer.

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