Finally figured out Lost

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Finally figured out Lost

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Lost is simply an analogue for the Bush administration:

Jacob = George W. Bush

Lighthouse = Patriot Act (spying on people for the greater good)

Others = Christian conservative base (Jacob secretly has contempt for Others much like W. for his base, fact)

Smokey = Terrorism (so easy this all must be intentional)

Island = USA, USA, USA! (A place where the miracle of modern democracy and freedom happens)

DHARMA = Liberals (A bunch of elitist hippie scientists trying to 'save the world' with science)

Sonic Fence = Free speech zones (DHARMA is allowed to have their 'opinions' and will not be killed if they stay inside)

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Re: Finally figured out Lost

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no wonder why so many religious morons like this show

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Re: Finally figured out Lost

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But Bush was not the good guy like Jacob is.

Speaking of Bush, during Season 2 there was this prevalent theory among circles of Lost fans that Season 2 Jack was supposed to be a George Bush standin. I don't know if that was intentional on the show's part but it certainly seems to fit.

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